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Surfin’ Seals

This great seal-pup video has been making the rounds. In case you haven't seen it yet ... Ethan Janson, a local windsurfer from Three Tree Point (south of Seattle) noticed that harbor seals were hauling out on a surfboard he'd tied to a buoy out in Puget Sound. He hooked up a GoPro camera, remotely, and captured this footage of a seal pup trying desperately to haul out on the slippery board. Before posting this, [...]

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Nisqually Board-Walking

I recently wrote about a grassroots effort in which I'm involved -- to expand the scope of funding for our National Wildlife Refuges. We've started the Wildlife Conservation Stamp project to generate public interest and promote the idea and implementation of a birders', photographers', and wildlife watchers' stamp for our Refuges. The details are at our website: WildlifeConservationStamp.org. We also have a Facebook page where support -- if you are in favor of the idea [...]

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Best Behavior Beach Pledge + Other Signs

I love seeing signs like this ... Two such signs were posted at Point Robinson Lighthouse on Vashon Island in Washington, one of the few public-access beaches in the area. It's the same spot where I photographed the large flock of Brant Geese foraging along the shoreline earlier this year. On a crystal day, this is the view from that beach: The ship traffic comes from the Port of Tacoma, passing northward between [...]

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Giving Birds a Fair Distance

Off-season, I regularly walk the trail loops at Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle. It's one of the longer spurs of waterfront access in a city. So, when I'm feeling homesick for San Francisco Bay and the miles of open trails, I find solace at the Arboretum. In the summer, the human and boat traffic can reach amusement-park levels. Kayaks and canoes are sometimes packed so thick in Duck Bay, they look like the Motor Boat [...]

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Squirrel Girl & The Cherry Blossoms

Squirrels don't win popularity contests with gardeners and bird feeders. Tree squirrels, agile and clever, have been known to outsmart even the toughest mazes designed to thwart them. In fact, if you never saw the 1990s British documentary Daylight Robbery, check out the video clip at the end of this post. From there you can link to other segments of the show. The gist of it is . . . grey squirrels in the UK [...]

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