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Pigeon Masters of Culinary Adaptation

Refined carbs aren't any better for pigeons than they are for us. But urban birds, used to groveling for handouts, will take what they can get. This mottled pigeon person stumbled upon a bounty in Mission Bay. We could hear a gang of gulls on the approach so the pigeon was in his own Amazing Race to stuff this broken baguette into his crop. I'm not sure about the plumage variation on this pigeon -- [...]

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Learning From a Racing Pigeon

I think the pigeon people are trying to tell me something. Late last year, I took a rambunctious fledgling pigeon to a nearby hospital. In April, I drove two [very] baby pigeons to the same hospital. I'm always snapping pigeon photos even when other photographers sweep their lenses right over the pigeon landscape. Rock Pigeons at the Bay Bridge - ©ingridtaylar So, it shouldn't have surprised me when Chauncey came along. She's a [...]

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Who Says You Never See Baby Pigeons?

Pigeons are meticulous, doting parents . . . which is why you probably won't see many baby pigeons in the wild . . . if at all. Pigeons produce small broods (usually two babies) and tuck them in nests high on ledges -- homes which resemble their ancestors' cliff dwellings. The pigeon parents feed their brood a nutritious mixture known as "crop milk" or "pigeon milk," so named so because it's secreted from the parent's [...]

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