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The One I Couldn’t Help

It was one of those precious sunny days in the midst of Seattle downpours. A Flickr friend of mine told me about a tugboat race on Elliott Bay, so I thought I’d walk the Terminal 91 bike path to the water. The “path” is an industrial slog — a cement slough leading to Puget Sound, and a courtesy cut-through from the Port of Seattle — dividing sections of private Port land and railroad assets. Burlington [...]

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Les Mouettes Aimes Les Petits Pains

photos ©ingridtaylar - email me for permissions mouette = from Middle French mouette = from Old French moette = diminutive of Old French maoe (Anglo-Norman mave, mauve) = from Old English mǣw (“seagull”) = from Proto-Germanic *maihwaz, *maiwaz (“seagull”) Someone challenged these gulls with leftovers from the patisserie. If a gull can swallow a starfish, near whole (she can), I'd say un petit pain shouldn't be a problem ... even if gulls should [...]

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Fast Food [Gull] Nation

Part of what makes gulls both amusing and exasperating to humans is their cleverness and opportunism when it comes to food. Across the gull universe, the diet is omnivorous. They'll eat crustaceans, fish, insects and other marine organisms. They will also prey on the nests of other bird species for food. A number of researchers have explored (and continue to explore) how much of this type predation on nests is affected by human intrusion.  That is [...]

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