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The Goldfinch and Thistle (A Pub With No Pints)

The Bay Area has a thistle problem, or so we hear, but goldfinches weren't complaining on our hike yesterday. Artichoke Thistle Eradication - ©ingridtaylar Here's a photo of that Artichoke Thistle (Cynara cardunculus), taken last week in Tilden Park: Artichoke Thistle - ©ingridtaylar And a few photos taken in Briones, where ongoing eradication has taken out bunches of the Artichoke Thistle in the grasslands: Dead Artichoke Thistle Plant - ©ingridtaylar [...]

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An American Bullfrog in Berkeley

I don't usually ignore visual anomalies. They bring me to interesting things. On this Berkeley day, something seemed out of place -- that nagging oddity in my periphery. I turned and looked closer in the mud. Sure enough, there was an unusual outline in the creek bed. Frog in Mud - ©ingridtaylar As quickly as I noticed the frog, it dove into the mud. There is a frog in the photo below, [...]

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Homage to Cesar Chavez in Berkeley

** Photo usage and restrictions If you venture into the off-leash area atop the hills of Cesar Chavez Park in the Berkeley Marina, you'll come upon a place of remembrance along with a worshipful look north, south, east and west. The solar calendar built on this site pays homage to Cesar Chavez, his legacy commemorated and explained in the accompanying plaques. Berkeley Solar Calendar - Panasonic FZ28 But it's also a spot that asks us [...]

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