Newts at UC Berkeley Botanical Garden

:Newts at UC Berkeley Botanical Garden

Newts at UC Berkeley Botanical Garden

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There’s a newt party every year at UC Berkeley Botanical Garden. I visited a week ago and there were just a few early arrivals enjoying the full spread to themselves. Once we merge into February, there’s a good chance that more newts will have ambled on down the hill, into the Japanese garden, ready to do those springtime, Valentine’s Day rituals that newts do.

It might seem a little odd to go looking for newts. Okay, it is odd. But you have to appreciate the arduous travels these California newts endure in order to get to that very place where we can watch them do their newty things.

If you do any hiking in the East Bay hills, chances are you’ve nearly trampled a newt this time of year, as some of them land smack dab on trails, under foot and under tire. It’s the reason you put up with the detour in Tilden Park from October to March . . . to make sure that fewer newts are squashed on their way to meet their dates . . . and to ensure little newts for seasons to come.

Unfortunately for me, it was an overcast day at the botanical garden and I had no ND filter to boot. So any hope of rendering a pristine photo through the glare of the water was lost on me and my equipment. I’ll be heading back once my prospects are better. For now, here’s one newt that’s mostly discernible.

Newt at UC Berkeley Botanical

And another somewhat recognizable newt:


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