Nature Steady in This Crazy World

//Nature Steady in This Crazy World

Nature Steady in This Crazy World

Here’s a visual summary of what’s happening in the universe parallel to mine in California: the natural cycles and connections that persist against all odds, sometimes in front of my lens, helping to keep me sane.

And also — a little music therapy from Lucky Dube, for all of us navigating This Crazy World right now.

•  The shorebirds are back, the ones who took flight months ago and flew thousands of miles here to forage and rest;

•  Hungry Brown Pelicans are chasing the herring and sardines, taking cues from each other as they amass with the tides;

•  Little sea otters are growing up, learning to swim, dive and find mussels under the tutelage of mom (otter dads don’t help);

•  Monarch butterflies, diaphanous beings, miraculously survived the hazards of migration, and now over-winter on eucalyptus, sometimes indistinguishable from leaves;

• Rufous Hummingbirds are stopping by for nectar on their 4000-mile journey to Mexico from Alaska and Canada;

• Thousands of ducks made land after long flights, finding comfort in their flocks and sanctuaries during the hunting season that marks their arrival;

• Squirrels shelter in place in palm trees;

•  Crows are still barking orders at hawks, and hawks are still ignoring them;

•  Elephant seals are coming home to their rookeries, the first babies will be born in December;

•  Finally, the zebras of San Simeon, escapees from the Hearst Castle days, still graze along Highway 1 with the deer and elk … reminding me that California is still refuge for rebels and outliers.   

Brown Pelican diving for fish at Bolsa Chica
California sea otter pup and mother in Moss Landing
Monarch butterflies overwintering in Pismo Beach California
Rufous Hummingbird at Los Angeles County Arboretum
Eurasian Wigeon male with American Wigeon females
American Crows mobbing Red-tailed Hawk
Elephant Seals at Piedras Blancas California

“So far so good, we still living today
But we don’t know what tomorrow brings
In this crazy world …”

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