Nature Steady in This Crazy World

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 The shorebirds are back, the ones who took flight months ago and flew thousands of miles here to forage and rest; •  Hungry Brown Pelicans are chasing the herring and sardines, taking cues from each other as they amass with the tides; •  Little sea otters are growing up, learning to swim, dive and find mussels under the tutelage of mom (otter dads don’t help);

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Birds People and Cat People: Bridging the Divide

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A heartfelt thank you to writer and wildlife rehabilitator Suzie Gilbert, for featuring my piece at the 10,000 Birds website. It’s an essay about how a stray cat became a transformative influence in my life, teaching me the value of animals — particularly wild animals — outside the walls of my own home. If you’re a wildlife rehabber, an accidental rescuer or thinking about getting involved with wildlife, I highly recommend Susie’s book about that very process. I’ve posted a link to the book below.

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North American Beaver … Eating Lily Pads Like Enchiladas

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Beavers are vegetarians, and lily tubers are a favorite foodstuff. Because beavers are crepuscular (loving the twilight), you'll see them most often at dawn and dusk, which accounts for the predictable in-time of this beaver family.