The 12 Days of Itten’s Contrasts – Day 1 (The List)

It's an age-old exercise but I've never completed it . . . so, I thought I'd take the holidays to work my way through the list of Itten's Contrasts, inspired by Michael Freeman and his book The Photographer's Eye. (I wrote a bit more about Itten's Contrasts here.) Itten's Contrasts Here's the list of Itten's Contrasts if you want to explore this exercise yourself. You find or take three photographs -- one representing each element [...]

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It’s Not Imbalanced . . . It’s Itten

Itten's Contrasts - An Old Bauhaus Trick I came upon the concept of Itten's Contrasts in a photography book by Michael Freeman, The Photographer's Eye (great book, by the way). Johannes Itten was a Bauhaus instructor who identified contrasts as the main element of composition. If you've studied arts or graphics you're no doubt familiar with this idea. Itten taught students to identify contrasting elements: long/short, high/low, black/white, much/little (and so on). It also helps [...]

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Cormorants at Work

First, a disclaimer. These are not tack-sharp photos. The IS (image stabilization) inside my Olympus is pretty darned good. And with the right shutter speeds, I can brace the camera to produce crisp images without a tripod or monopod -- which is super, because I'm often taking pictures in the context of a hike where carrying a tripod is cumbersome. I'm not so much a photographer as I am a hiker with a camera. I'm not so [...]

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Halogen Shadows

Saul's Deli in Berkeley is an undeniable fave. One of the few things Hugh and I miss from our Los Angeles existence is the old neighborhood deli -- with its naugahyde booths and rough-and-tumble wait staff. Saul's is a bit more refined in its Gourmet Ghetto enclave. But it has a deli pedigree stretching back to the 1950s. It reeks of Berkeley nostalgia, both communal and personal. I spent many a lunch hour there during [...]

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Refracted Light, Arcs and Rainbows – Over SF

I'm not a big fan of Descartes. In spite of his genius and complexity, he held callously mechanistic views toward nature and non-human animals. And women, too, depending on his mood. Shared by Herikvioleta at Deviant Art But I'll give him some love for this explanation of rainbows I recently read at the UCAR website. He simplified the study of a rainbow to one rain droplet -- and how light refracts through that [...]

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Wasp Art

Wasp Nest - ©ingridtaylar I didn't see it this way through the viewfinder -- the aquarelle tone and texture of this wasp nest, clutching the painted boards. (Just as I didn't see the pixie face of a blue damselfly I'd been shooting over a pond -- until I offloaded those giant orbs-for-eyes onto my Mac.) I once worked with a woman who rationalized her purchase of a fur coat by suggesting that a fox would [...]

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